Why Do You Do It? (Make Art That Is)

Why do you do it (make art that is)

There are many reasons for making art, so what one or two fit for you?

Whatever your reason/s do  you do it for the right reasons or other?


One Response to “Why Do You Do It? (Make Art That Is)”

  1. Maryann Rachelson on August 24th, 2012 1:28 pm

    I agree with most of your list but primarily making art….painting….makes me feel good and sometimes its makes me feel great! I especially like painting the spirit of nature as I see it and feel it. And I want others to feel some of this….that is, what about the scene makes me want to paint it. Probably it is its colors and values, its variety, and its powerful movements. Color is the first thing that attracts me and then the geometric forms created by and with these color interactions. Too many people walk around and drive around and see nothing…..they miss too much of nature’s miracles. I want them to see and feel some of these happenings.

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