What do you want from art?

As a Student, or Artist, whichever position you are in, stop and have a think for a bit. What do you want from Visual Art.. and perhaps why do you want it.

Lets explore a little. Oh and feel free to give me feedback via the comments as I think this is a hot topic to think about.



Note at the Artist’s level the wants can be different to the student’s but there is a solid overlap.

Would working on these points assist or hinder the people involved? or would it provide a springboard for further discussion, development etc…

Let us know what you think!


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  1. Robert Britton Jr on October 2nd, 2012 4:15 am


    As a virtual artist, I paint for several reasons. One, to capture the essense and soul of a landscape in oil paint in alignment with my internal vision.

    Two, I paint to learn and grow as a painter, to learn new techniques, materials, tools, so that I’m more skilled in helping me achieve my number one (above).

    Three, I paint to create works I can share with others with desires to earn income and feedback from it. If the feedback is positive, I believe and know that income will be positive. If the feedback is negative, I’m learning through the views of those people and trying to see what they see so I can grow as a painter.

    Ultimately, I paint because I’d like to be able to enjoy a life fulfilled through the joy of painting, travelling, and sharing painted scenes of beauty with others.

    There’s no joy in working in a cubicle in corporate america. Painting is life, spirit, soul, body, and mind.

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