The ups and downs in art

You love being creative, exploring ideas, making, trying, and exploring some more.

Over the years, I realised this process was harder than it looked, but this only happened by being able to look back over various experiences and chatting with other artists.

In reality the process is more like… have an idea, create, fail, rethink, hate it, love it, scrap it! Then you start to worry if this is the right thing to do… Before you know it you are off thinking about more creative ideas to explore and make things happen.

Many other artists I have come across have similar experiences with the ups and the downs. I guess the process is what it is and as creative people we come to terms with the hassles and fight through, but for new creative people like art students if you are unaware of this process you could give up too soon.

Battle the tough decisions, plod on, fight with your inner demons but most of all know that tough challenges probably last just as long as good times… In the end your creative explorations will benefit from your ability to develop a tough skin and being able to hang in when the going gets rough.


Steve Gray


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