The three sources of subject matter?

There are just three sources of subject matter in art;

Come to think of it I see this list as a bit deceiving, really I think it should read “Three devices the artist can call upon to explore subject matter.”

The initial statement I came across on a search of “Artistic Inspiration” and this popped up in the middle of a spiel on children’s art… I feel sure it’s not the first place it has been seen.

So this then raises a point, am I too pedantic, to quibbley about words… or are they right?

Sources for subject matter I feel would be more akin to  Рstill life Рlandscape Рfigures, I could be wrong, perhaps there are others.

The thinking here is to get you thinking, therefore exploring, and it is this area the arts can cause you to work in quite effectively.

Teachers, use the above as a brainstorm starter then explore from there and see what comes up.

Students, do a bit of informal research and find out if there are other sources of subject matter.


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