The role of Visual Arts

Visual Arts has a role to play in encouraging us to search through the “fragments and bigger pieces” of our world and to piece them together in ways which allow us to explore, describe, contemplate, manipulate and bring them alive.

There is some form of social or emotional responsibility to ensure people have access to the Visual Arts. Through its exposure they can discover  forms of expression and exploration, which might one day assist people to define who and or what we are and or add to our cultural depth.

Being a Visual Artist is no easy path to take, with so much trial and error, stances, notions and stories to tell. Some will gain solace in pursuing its lofty ideals while others may struggle and be left drained by it’s challenging demeanour.

The role of Visual Arts should be clear, as a necessary device for the creator which defines and allows us to explore. As well as a status device and thing of aesthetic pleasure for the viewer.

Let’s value our Visual Artists and praise their work as a vital part of our society’s health and wellbeing.


Untitled Steve Gray 2010


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