The online portfolio developer…

As an Art student or even as an Artist, you probably have a lot going on, teachers and lecturers wanting you to explore this and that, themes to pursue, techniques to be tried out and so on. Well here’s a technique to use to keep lots of these forces happy.


Most of you will have a facebook page, as such you realise you can share a lot of things with the world, pictures especially and comments.

So try the daily challenge (It could be weekly but hey, a bit of a push wouldn’t hurt…) the aim is to put a picture every day online for a set period (one I know of is a 365 day photo challenge.) and therefore put up one image a day and comment on it.

Your Teachers and Peers can add comments and provide critiques. At each stage you could offer a lot of info or little info… perhaps stick to a formula of a few points, why I took this photo, how I lit the photo, why this composition works and so on…

This way you can show you are working, get feedback, see if patterns evolve, it could be the same with drawings or any other media!

The only downside is having teachers and lecturers as friends on facebook! Okay probably not a bad thing either… 😉

Thanks to David Gray one of my Nephews, whose 365 day facebook photo challenge gave me the idea! 🙂


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