So You Finished Secondary School Art…

You finished YAY! but hang on a minute now there is tertiary studies, what have¬† your teachers told you about that? Maybe not much, except for the fact that most tertiary institutions you will need a folio of work to gain entrance. It’s a bit late to panic, and knowing what they want to see in the folio to give you the edge is like guessing the length of a piece of string…

If you have read this article early you might be in luck. You see I would like you to have the best chance you can to get into higher level study (if that’s what you want…) So may I suggest that you add to your portfolio of works well in advance, so you can prune out any works, which are not as good as you would hope and get on with presenting your best work (what does that mean anyway?)

In the VCE+ section of this Blog you will find a range of practical exercises that you could do at home, these could be works to bolster your folio by adding depth to the theme’s you have been working on. For instance if you were into a theme that included people and their emotions and had created some larger works, which had taken you time… what’s stopping you from exploring the theme further with some smaller works, which might look at details or some other tangents of your main work.

I guees the thing is making sure you have works to show the interview panel which will give you the edge, so you can put your best foot forward. Knowing what they want to see is another thing altogether.


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