Re “Contextualise”

In the pop era (to name just one…) Artists took things from the everyday and presented them to us in different materials to put them in  another context, and cause us to look at them  with fresh eyes. Perhaps this can be a starting point for you to explore things too.

Take a cast off item of any kind and try out some different ways of decorating it, to make it different.

Take a chair for instance, paint it in stripes, or a cast off computer printer, or a cabinet. Think decoration, think make it very different to it’s normal decoration or use. try tissue paper scrunched up and attached with glue, wall paper, plaster thrown on and sculpted.

There are a million and one possiblities so explore… a group exercise might be to take a well known object (lets say a cereal packet) and re contextualise it, a group of 20 students would clearly have 20 different apporaches to the one object, the value of the end product? Probably low as an object of “collectibility”, but  as a process in creative exploration, quite possibly priceless…


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