Quick Skillbuilding Activities


Practice using drawing materials… Grab your pen pencil, crayon whatever you are wanting to draw with, make a line of small circles working slowly across the page, practice making the circles similar in size. now try the line vertically and notice the difference (if any).

Try this with short diagonal lines in varying directions.

As you draw rotate your drawing instrument to keep the tip sharp if it is a soft material.


Cut some coloured paper into strips, and arrange them on an A4 page in a way that makes a pleasing composition for you, now attach the strips in place. Think balance, composition, focal point, abstract and line width variety to give you starting points.

Try this with the lines only being placed horizontally (or vertiacally).

Try using a set range of colour combinations, limiting the colour palette so  you have to think harder about the lines and their positions to get a pleasing effect.