Mask Exhibition

PANDEMIC! Has caused a whole new fashion statement, face masks. By about now I imagine there are Artists, Designers and Illustrators decorating their face masks.. So lets make art! (with all due respect to the gravity of the situation of course…)

decorate a mask or three, take a photo or scan it, then sent the image to me with details as per usual below. I will put them up on site.


  1. Create a contemporary artwork on a face mask of some kind (you could just draw one if  you want. Or hey why not photo people wearing them in like a fashion parade type set up… or just folks on the streets wearing them…)
  2. Scan it, digital photo etc. Make sure it’s a jpg file please.
  3. Clearly label it, write a few lines to give us an idea of how you interpreted the theme, then Email it with the details, (Artist’s name, where from and medium, to )
  4. I will add it to a page of works people can view on line and you can link to.

Closing date: 30/5/09 Be quick!

Conditions of entry: 


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