Landscape ideas

From ancient times through to contemporary works, the landscape has meant a great deal for art and artists. how artists interpret the landscape is as varied as chalk and cheese from abstract concepts and emotions through to highly realistic scenes.


Many artists are inspired not just by their shapes and forms on the landscape but by colours and textures as well. For an artist starting out the chance to explore landscape ideas can seem rather daunting I hope some of the concepts I put forward might give you some great starting points.


Okay there’s a few ideas you might like to try to get started in landscapes, I think you may find the more you do landscapes to more engrossing it will become… enjoy!

If you are studying VCE Studio Arts you may find this a great starting point to exploring a theme.

Here are a few websites you may like to explore to learn more about the ways artists have explored the landscape as a concept or theme.

Environmental Expressionism

Graham Fransella

Peter Biram

Arthur Boyd

Amanda  van gils

Simon Collins

Peter Tudhope

Ursula Theinert

Kerrie Warren

Kaye Green

Tim Storrier

John Wolseley

Tim Jones

Steve Gray


John Olsen


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