Kuldeep Chaudhari – Photographer

Behind The Image

There has never been a shortage of photographic Artists since photography was invented. They are masters of capturing and saving remarkable memories of unforgettable images. Whereas some practice photography as a hobby, many of these Artists have made this art a lifelong profession. The amazing creativity captured by photographic Artists can be appreciated by analyzing the Artists behind these great works. Kuldeep Chaudhari is a Photographer whose work provides a fine example of the kind of creativity every ardent photographer would admire.


The Artist

Kuldeep Chaudhari is a 29 year old Mumbai based documentary and street photographer in India. The post graduate and later freelance photographer was born in 1984. Photography was not his career choice in his early life. He started out working for a multinational company before he discovered photography. His interest in photography grew from his love for capturing images and moments on camera. What started as a hobby finally became a full time profession. He is a nature lover and a passionate trekker. His works include street images that have opened his mind and made him more sensitive to the world around him. His creativity is exemplified in one of his famous photographs titled “putting your best foot forward” which portrays men dressed in white performing exercises at an urban park in India.

During his journeys on the streets of his city, where he met new people and saw different things, he began to explore his artistic side. He found that through this exploration, photography helped  in opening his mind. Since then has become concerned and sensitive about his environment. Photography has not only helped him grow in confidence but has also contributed towards making him a more responsible individual.

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