Blood in sink

Image courtesy of Simon Howden www.freedigitalphotos.net

Deakin University Geelong has a gradaute exhibition on at the moment, (Oct 2013) I went to have a look today and thought some of the works were worthy of mention. I figured I would be able to link you to images online, but no I can’t find any.

I know I should have taken my own pictures, I had my smart phone with me, but I didn’t.

So the bright young things that were there today all busy ‘manning the door’ can smile all they like, it seems as if apart from the email invite I got to the opening, there is little else to let people know it’s on.

It’s at the top of the stairs on level three of Costa Hall, enter from Gherignhap Street.

I can see the Lecturers etc pondering if it’s okay to let the students have an exhibition, I get the thinking around this but who will really care if they make it or not, or if the exhibition is a flop (how would that be measured anyway?)

I wanted to tell the world about a few pieces a few “Artists” but alas I can not. I could go back and get the details. Nope I won’t do that. I could send them an email and have them provide me with details, nope that’s not on my agenda either. The fact I had a small window of oportunity to view the show in the first place was amazing for me.

I am left to ponder though.

I could pose more questions, I could look deeper to see if there is more to find on the web, but no, a quick internet search should be ebough to be able to find the info. So another exhibition by emerging ‘Artists’ goes by and a select few will have the pleasure of seeing what’s on offer.

I could tell you about the skateboard Art, the actively operating scuplutre with trees and words, or the big graphite drawings of landscape, or even the large ‘jar and plaster’ piece but no I will have to withhold on all that and invite you to find out for yourself, somehow…



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