Gippsland Artists get publicity, can you?

Here’s just SOME of the results of a community getting behind it’s Visual Artists.


How do they get this level of publicity? it’s really quite simple and you could do it too.

Firstly an Artist stands up to get counted. What do I mean… Well to start with,¬†Kerrie Warren, (mentioned in the link above) is not a ‘shrinking violet’, she will actively seek out opportunities and grasp them with both hands. She is active in her community in the arts administration side of things, and has been on various committees. Over time she has become the go to person when the local councils cultural section wants advice, or needs to shine a light on an Artist.

As time goes on this sort of effort can start to rub off, when it does, other people say ‘hey I can do that too!’ Another example is Peter Biram who works in the Gippsland region teaching Visual Arts… He gets himself in and on the media as often as possible, appearing in newspaper articles and not just about himself, often it’s promoting the work of his students. He is also in his local communities cultural group and is instrumental in raising peoples awareness about Visual Art and it’s role/value in the wider community.

Over time the media come to know these Artists and others as the ‘go to people’ and they get great media coverage. Just take a look at their websites and you will see what I mean, lots of links to media articles from TV news grabs to newspaper articles. (do a search for the Archibald prize and Peter Biram).

Then take a look at Gippsland Artists, their website lists a big bunch of active Visual Artists in the region, and this is moved along by the likes of Peter and Kerrie. Others get inspired by the coverage they get and before long a snowball effect starts to build.

Take a look about and see what media coverage you can get, and think about ways to explore the incredible promotional opportunities which are freely available to Visual Artists who care to go the next step and seek out opportunities, the more you look, the more you will find.


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