Drum up some art…

I’ve recently been having fun playing a Djembe drum in a drumming circle, fairly casual affair and good value.

Being inquisitive I started looking for ways to make a drum (too stingy at this point to fork out $250 or so dollars to buy one). Started looking online, hmm… off to the hardware to explore some other options.

I came back with a length of PVC pipe 110mm diameter x 1000mm long, a stainless steel hose clamp (to go around the diameter) and a piece of clear PVC (fairly thick). I sanded off one roughish end to make the hard edge rounded, wiped the dust and such off it, then pulled the piece of PVC over the top (it was sunny out so that part was easy), I set up the hose clamp over the top edge pushed it down about 1 cm and did it up, pulling the PVC taught as I went.

Drum! A bit of a bash about with it and it sounded ok (not sure my drum groovy guru will think so but hey…)

I may try some differing lengths to see what happens.

So the Art part, well you could sand it off a little and paint it in acrylics or enamel… or create a sleeve of fabric, decorate that and attach with velcro or  a lace up arrangement. Perhaps sheets of paper wrapped around could be useful too. (ok a little bit primary schoolish..)

Go ahed make one, explore the sounds and decorate it.

Make noise have fun!


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