Creativity Lost

Your creative job role ‘says’ you can think in different directions, but after a while strategies and processes which once worked for you could run thin, become stagnant or otherwise fade into the distance.

No one in a creative role wants this to happen however when it does it having a plan of action to get a fresh perspective can be useful to find a fresh approach to that demon ‘creative block.’

You could look at what you currently do and figure out some starting points from that (mind-mapping could work to do that). You could ask how others handle it (research the net for interviews with people in similar industries for how they do it) perhaps it’s a cyclical thing and your ‘biorhythms’ etc. play havoc with your creative sensibilities.

Creativity might be a process driven ‘thing’ for you or perhaps an off-beat ‘seat of the pants’ ride into the unknown for others, an in-between view might list serendipity as the catalyst for a creative approach.

What next you might ask…

Brain basics – Perhaps we need to think about the creative process from a neurological viewpoint. Our senses take in information, our brains process it, it goes into our memories and can be retrieved. If This part of the ‘Neuro process’ is not enough (hey you have run out of creative options, that’s why you are reading this yeah?) then you have to feed it with fresh material. for it to utilise. This way your brain can take some of the old and mix it with the new to let you formulate or percolate options to explore. Explore LOTS of fresh material for your brain, think “What can I feed my senses with (other than drugs…) which will be different to what I have been doing?”

Break your cycle/s – If you find you have challenges to your creative processes you might need to break some personal and or other cycles, are there specific situations or times when your creativity is at a low point? Are there external factors (other peoples cycles) which interrupt your processes. Knowledge of these may cause you to avoid them, work around them, and/or adjust them to suit.

Struggle free zone – If you struggle to create then the ‘flow’ of creative options can be hampered, so avoid struggling. Perhaps it’s a ‘self-talk’ thing.  ”I have to but I CAN’T!” This puts pressure on you to perform, pressure may well work in some instances for some but not for others, which is it for you? What if you are used to struggle and pressure to perform and you don’t get it…Either way you get to deal with some form of struggle. Figure out ways to avoid it.

Connect with more creative types – The ones who want to share ideas openly, then you share, they share and so on. Record the ideas and images that form in your head anyway you can. I think it’s a lot like panning for gold, the more you do it the more chances you have of finding some gold!

Get more of the right tools – If you want to build anything you need tools, do an interweb search for creative tools and make it your business to add to your tools, if an old one wears out or needs sharpening then get new ones or sharpen those you have.

Now make them work for you. In a results based world where goals are etched in stone (often by others) ensure your lost creativity can be found and your world is effectively mapped out. No longer will you be lost in your own territory, but you should be able to add to the map/s you already have.


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