Creativity boosters

How about some ideas for boosting your creativity…

For some, creative ideas seem to flow readily and they can launch from one creative project to the next with ease but for others the ideas can come in “fits and starts” and often it seems like “flits and stops…” So here’s a few creativity boosters you might like to explore.

  1. Record your dreams – Keeping a dream journal about the dreams you had the minute you wake can assist you to recall dreams with greater clarity, this can be useful for exploring your subconscious and the imagery it evokes.
  2. Mind maps РThis is a great area to search on the Internet and can give you great ways to explore ideas you might have floating about in your head, basically the idea you have starts in the middle of a page and the thoughts  you have relating to it radiate out from there, adding images and words together can be highly useful in freeing up the creative development process.
  3. Do the opposite – If you are a realistic artist try some abstract works and vice verse. Or if you draw in Black and white try painting in colour, the resultant unconscious exploration can free your mind up to develop fresh ideas. there can be a wide range of ways this technique can be developed in lots of areas of your life, try a few and see what happens.
  4. Get Absurd – Similar to the opposities idea, getting absurd is about finding different approaches to things, an example might be making a tragic scene humorous a funny scene tragic or any combination in between. You might start to document in your Visual Journal absurd situations you come across in everyday life, then explore how you might communicate these visually. Word association games that can get absurd is one strategy that comes to mind as being useful, great fun too!
  5. Use the accelerator! – Allegedly staring at this picture can present us with different colours and visual stimulus, after a while start writing, jotting, doodling, and exploring thoughts that come into your head. Try writing, drawing etc with your opposite hand as well to give the new ideas an edginess you might not other wise have explored. If you are clever on the computer you could create a whole range of these in different styles, colours, shapes and check out the effect they have… This one is Copyright to Michael Munn PhD.
  6. Collage – Get a range of images and articles on a subject and explore ways to make them come together, try a 3D exploration, or way to colour the images, perhaps scan them and move them about on the computer. Play with it and see what comes up.
  7. Relax! – Creativity under pressure seldom seems to work, so chill out and find ways to let your creative “juices flow”, the more you start looking for ways to do this the more you might find great ideas coming to the fore.
  8. Explore! – Make combination of the above and find new ways to explore creativity. Like doing No:5 but with tiny photo’s. Do an Internet search on creativity and find other examples, then post about them in the comments for this post.
  9. Journal – How is ¬†your visual Journal anyway? does it provide you with a personal sounding board? Or does it simply give you a way to download…. is it full of words, pictures, colours, links, ideas, options, art, options and possibilities, if not why not!

Teachers, get your students to pre read this article and discuss it in class, and or extend the idea by getting them to research other creativity boosting techniques and share them in class. Want another idea? Get them to create their own creativity accelerator (as per the above diagram), perhaps discuss what qualities they might want their accelerator to posses.

Students, Don’t wait for your teacher or lecturer to guide these activities! JUMP IN! and do them yourself…


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