Creative Twists

Any one that has done effective brainstorming in a corporate setting and put the solutions into action will know the process can be very useful, sometimes a facilitator will use some form of creative brainstorm to get people thinking.

Often they use words, statements, short stories or symbols with some form of puzzle or conundrum to tease the participants minds into a creative approach.

Artists can use this to, and I find often that artists are perhaps more natural or less inhibited in coming up with creative approaches as it happens at a more unconscious level (especially with practice.) So lets take a simple approach and twist it.

Write down five things that interest you (it could relate to a theme or line of research on a topic) then for each thing write down something different to that, do that 5+ times for each word, then it’s up to you. For me the first “logical” thing would be to take the last words from each list and then figure a way to make these fit to your original “theme”.

To take this further you could do the same with symbols printed off a computer. Or explore the first word exercise using symbols to respond to the last word you got. Or take all the words, put them in a bowl and randomly select a few and group them together.

Ideally I guess the “creative process” is about taking the absurd, mixing it with a dash of logic, and exploring the boundaries. Then in a useful stance the organised artist would possibily create a dictionary or encyclopedia of wierd creative approaches, systems or ideas…


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