creative meanderings

I’m starting a new activity in 2014, part of it involves creativity. I wanted to create a list of creative ‘jumping off points’ to clear my head and let me focus on other aspects of the program which runs over nine weeks.

Here is what I came up with, do you have any you would add to this list? Share them in the comments.

Scamper – Discuss spinoffs of the original idea – What could be added to it to make it better or different? Great if you have a starting point idea or product

Opposites – Think opposite to what you want (a challenge etc) – Brainstorm and explore – add pictures – look for relationships to the original challenge

Word play – Opposite words – String a whole bunch together and see what patterns show up – write down the findings and discuss – I used to do this at University with a friend at lunch time, the aim was to find the word that was most opposite or different to the word the other person just mentioned, it gets funny I can assure you of that

Visualize – to music, to art, to anything that gets your mind going – Jot down your findings and explore those further with discussion

Doodle – Draw a group doodle on a large piece of paper perhaps with an idea, or challenge spelt out in the middle, discuss and write down your findings. anything new or exciting? with four people on each side of the paper the drawings and findigs can get very interesting fast

Keep a note book – Jot ideas down as they come to you during your time away from your activity

Keep a dream journal – First thing in the morning (or in the night if you can’t sleep) jot down the key points of the dreams, as you develop this skill more details can be recalled. Note do the dreams become more lucid as you do this?

Distract o fun – Find some toys to play with, e.g. a big beach ball and play with your group keeping the ball afloat or some other game. Discuss what went through your head after a few minutes of playing. Any key points to explore from that? What happens if a key discussion point is talked about as the ball goes around the room?

Environmental change – When you go to a new place, take a walk etc,  you can clear your mind and allow fresh thoughts to take place. A great way to start a meeting or team get together

Walking meditation – Slow deliberate mindfulness created with a quiet walking meditation, follow the leader, walk in rows, or any other combination where the slow breathing and mindful movement can allow a fresh start to your thinking processes – Discuss the findings

Musical break – Listen to some classical music, explore the emotions the music conjures up, what can you get from that, what did you notice. Jot down the emotions and discuss which ones are more positive and why you think that.

Laugh – Find something to laugh at that is suitable for all ages and have a good laugh. This frees up the endorphins, dopamine and other “feel good chemicals” in your brain. what does this positivity lead you to?

People – Explore personality types and appreciate why EQ is probably more important than IQ

Team creative writing – Have a group come up with a bunch of characters and jot down some scenarios the characters could get involved in – What can you now do with the information?

Collage – Find old magazines with images of value to the group and their interests, cut and paste on a series of large sheets of paper and explore the possibilities, play music in the background for stimulus, try starting with a short visualization

Random objects – Come up with 3 random objects people can visualize, write the name of the objects down, get the team in a circle to make up simple quick stories about the three objects, the funnier the better!


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