Creative Distractions

Creative idea development is a big thing for some, trying to explore and follow idea starting points to give their works added depth and meaning.

I’m a bit of a fan of using words and statements to explore with, so I thought I would share one method I stumbled onto recently.

My work has been following a couple of directions and one of those has been heading into ‘dark territory’ where malevolent ideas have been thrown about. I now find myself coming back to this point. But my visual ideas were seemingly going no where and so what to do.

My last visual idea had dark figures in it, so I did an internet search on that. This led to a few things and I jumped on the idea of getting to the “essence of darkness” so I then zoomed in on eyes and breathing, contemplating options about how they might be explored for my theme.

The visual options in my head were off on some tangent… the name Richard Serra (Artist) came up somewhere in the search, I was now off to look at some of his images and drawings. Interesting, I started to think more in terms of symbols and how I might tackle things from there (I already do a fair bit of symbol work so it fits).

I did some word work searching some more and coming up with more options, this is what I got.

– Dark symbols – Black liberty – Black place. Then my thoughts stumbled across the notion of what’s this all about? Persecution – Bad treatment of people – Liberty… but how are they liberated if they are killed in process? Hmm some sort of spiritual freedom might now be the case.

Therefore my final statement hit me as I pondered all this “You are now free”.

This could become a title for a show – a single work – a body of works – a series It’s now up to me to put my findings into some visual concept and see if it all fits to my notion of what I might want it to be.


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