Community Connections and Visual Art

There are many examples of the Arts connecting with the wider community, however I often find the performance Art areas seem to dominate, so it’s great to see the Visual Arts stand up and get counted with great examples like the St Michaels Grammar School in St Kilda holding their 3rd Annual Art Exhibition and Arch Angel Prize.

Hopefully over time more schools and community minded organisations will forge alliances and add depth to our cultural heritage in a similar way.

As readers of this site will appreciate, I value the role Visual Arts can play for many people. In this case having the ability to bring Visual Art to the Students is a great starting point to exploring it’s value.

I have long been of the view that many Schools should have Art Galleries and provide a ‘portal’ to the Visual Arts for their students, the staff and the wider community to be able to draw upon Contemporary Visual Art as a vital part of communicating, connecting and exploring all aspects of culture to give us greater depths of appreciation for the human condition.


Lesley Melody – 2011 St Michael’s Arch Angel Award winner – “Lunar Australis”


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  1. J. Salyers on July 28th, 2011 9:57 pm

    I think art galleries in schools is a great idea, especially if it were to showcase student work:) Unfortunately, here in central WV, we don’t even have libraries in the schools. We have lots of books packed and stored in lots of boxes, but that’s kind of useless….

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