Video art

This could be as complex or as simple as you wish, I like the apparent simplicity of this it leaves a lot to think about…

DATAFLUX 0.1 from Kit Webster on Vimeo.

A quick look at the environment in art

So what can you do to express something about the environment, in the environment? The short answer, lots of things! So be inspired and check out some possibilities.

The importance of art…

Ever thought about how important the arts are… maybe, maybe not, well here’s a short grab of information to give you a wider insight.

Thanks to Sue Davis for her efforts. 🙂

Teachers, get your students to pre watch this then discuss it in class, and or extend the idea by getting them to research and or brainstorm other aspects of it and share them in class or as an assignment of some kind.

Students, Don’t wait for your teacher or lecturer to guide these activities! JUMP IN! and do them yourself…

Women in art

A fascinating video on women in art.