Boxed in…

I often cruise Art shops (and occasionally Craft ones too)  to see what’s new, what inspires and what’s still the same old same old. In one I walked into recently I noticed they have small pine boxes with latches, and some had clear see through tops in a range of sizes.

I guess the crafty and scrapbooking types will recognise them as a way of creating some form of “Keepsake” device where precious memories are displayed and therefore it’s a way of exploring 3D collaging in an intimate setting.


In the same way I think the boxes have a lot to offer the Art Student and or Visual Artist. Firstly the boxes are plain pine so they can be varnished, stained, painted and or added to in many ways.

The boxes could be a way of exploring 3d Art without having to go big scale and deal with storage issues of large works. I think the intimacy a small work can create could be an interesting drawcard as well.

For creative starting points lets think about a few possibilities…

Of course the possibilities are endless, the main thing here being the price of the boxes I looked at were very cheap, and came in a range of sizes.

If you create one or three of these, send us a link to a photo in the comments for this post and show us what you have created!


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  1. Sandra Chaplin on June 12th, 2012 9:59 pm

    Hellow I see your shadow box with glass front and hinged door. Can you please tell me when you saw this>
    Cheers Sandra

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