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Hello Everyone
I would like to invite you to participate in a new and unique way to promote your art on TV.

San Base Studio is the developer of a new form of presentation of art and photography on TV called the Art Player, which launched at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show.

The idea of the application is to promote Art and Photo Galleries on home TV screens and make the works accessible for purchase by millions of households worldwide. Initially, Art Player will be available to a million viewers 24/7, in the application store of a top three network starting in April. This is a unique ground floor opportunity to promote artworks to an audience skewing to high net worth individuals.

Art Player is a virtual window to the “best” artists and galleries. It is easy to use and has many options that benefit the viewing experience. The viewer simply presses the remote and launches the Art Player on the TV screen. Images move across the screen in a virtual never ending slide show, genres can be selected, speed modified and desired images can be frozen getting a short biographical description of the artist, gallery or artwork and means to purchase the work. All of these functions work from a standard remote control.

Art Player will be launching with a marketing campaign to over a million unique viewers in the U.S, bringing you new exposure and possibly new buyers for your artworks. Registration is free and easy and all you have to do is upload as many of your best works as you want. Images should be high res and minimum 900 pixels vertical. To see more information go to .

Thank you and good luck
Cameron Thomas
San Base Studio


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