Holiday Art Exploration


Hi Students,

I hope you are having a great holiday… now let’s do some Art exploration…

Sounds harsh yeah? Homework, holidays, do some work. Well doing these simple exercises will give you a brilliant edge and a great start to the school year.

Let’s do some easy research on the net (it will give you a break from Facebook!) and the chance to check out some ideas and options for exploring, thinking, and creating.

How will this work? Easy… Follow the links below, write comments where necessary and do the exercises as we go.

Any time you get lost in the process come back here and follow the links until you find where you are up to.

Have fun exploring the incredible world of Visual Art, I know you will find many aspects of the Art world fascinating because it can be SO diverse with a very rich history.

  1. Read about Visual Diaries, these will form the backbone of ALL your work in this subject and on into the future. You can start one at any time by jotting ideas directly into a journal book from the start, you can get these at art shops or stationery supplies like office works.
  2. Start exploring more… This link will take you to a section to give  you ideas you can put into your Visual Diary. When you have read this section, go to the comments for this post (at the bottom of the article). Now write about the idea which stands out to you as a way of exploring art further. (Your comments will not show up straight away as they are checked first).
  3. Analyse some Art… First go here. This is an article on the basics of looking at Visual Art and how you can begin to describe the things you see. Read through and see if it makes sense, if not ask for clarification by making a suitable comment at the end of the article in the comments section.
  4. NOW check out some images by artists from this website with heaps of Visual Artist Interviews. Using the analysis guide, find two images you like from each Artist and jot down points to give a basic analysis of what you see. Then write which two you like and why.
  5. Now do a few searches of your own to find Visual Artists works which interest  you, copy  the links from the website in a word doc, when you have a list of them you like email me your list and tell me in a few points why you like what they do. is my email for this project, in the subject line put your name.
  6. Do yourself a favour and check out more info on this site ( find creativity boosters and start jotting down ideas in your Visual Diary.

With all the information you are about to explore you should come to the first class busting with ideas, and ready to face the year ahead with a Visual Diary with a heap of pages of images and thoughts.

What will you end up with from doing these exercises?

  1. Exploring Visual Artists work
  2. Ideas and options on how to build your Visual Arts Diary
  3. Starting to create ideas for Artworks you might create in class using your Visual Diary

Of course if you get any chance to look at Artworks in Art Galleries go for it!