Art Analysis – Start here…

Okay Teachers (and Students…) You asked for it,  you wanted more info on Analysing Visual Art works so here are a few starting points to go with. Feel free to send me other resources you have found useful over time but for now here is my starting point to formal evaluation of artworks.

Artwork Analysis Helper


When describing the artwork, you should describe exactly what you see. It is useful to pretend you are describing the work to a blind person, giving all the details to help describe the work.


What elements can you see? Colour, line, tone, texture, shape, form (three dimensional). Describe the way these elements are used in the work.


What do you think the artwork may be about? What is its meaning? What evidence is there in the work to support your interpretation?


What is your opinion of the work? Do not just say, ”I don’t like it”! Tell us why you don’t think it is a very effective artwork. If you like it, explain what specific things you like about the artwork.

Try these points out for yourself by looking at a number of artworks and answering the above questions quickly and see what happens. no right or wrong answers at this stage, just ideas and options to get you checking out artworks and thinking about them in ways you may not have yet thought of.


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