Appropriation plus

There are many teachers who invite students to take other artworks and appropriate them, altering things to create a fresh view if you like.

mona-santa mona-pntg mona-piggy

duchamp-mona-lisa demo-mona dali-mona

Like many things Visual Artists use to generate and develop ideas, this has long been a valid one, either as a way to appreciate another artists work by making a direct copy, or altering it in some way to add interest to the original or to alter the meaning of the original in some way.

Many appropriated works I have come across still hold a strong connection to the original (like the mona Lisa examples above). I was thinking perhaps the work could be taken further without being just a creative springboard towards creating a new work on a similar theme.

For instance take a more abstract piece and alter it to look like a work in the Artists style but clearly your own, or what about taking a digital photo of the image and altering it radically in a photo manipulation program and seeing how much unlike the original you can make it.

Perhaps you take a work done one way (a painting for instance) and make it a lino cut or a drawing.

Consider making a work which may still have original elements which you play around with to create a new composition. I figure you could have a lot of fun this way and find some fresh areas to explore.

demi-1 demi-2 demi-3 demi-4

demi-5 demi-6 demi-7 demi-8

demi-9 demi-10 demi-11 demi-12


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