The Art Stuff site gives you access to a range of art resources, ideas, tips, techniques and information to assist you to be all the artist (or art student) you want to be. If you have ideas for additions to this site feel free to email me, or if you want to book me to chat on this project or others. (info@stevegray.biz)

Probably the biggest aim with this Visual Art’s site is to provide resources teachers and lecturers can send their students to to find out more, to explore ideas, options and techniques about art and the art scene to be ore engaged. Imagine setting a task based on an article in here, you can get the students to read the information first, then in class go deeper than normal with a discussion on an item because you know they have done the pre-reading, pre-listening, pre-viewing.

As I live close to Melbourne Victoria, I frequent galleries there, therefore the opportunity to talk about the Melbourne Art Scene is very viable. Therefore if you wonder why I don’t talk too much about other cities and their art scene, now you know. In time I hope to be able to “jet set”a bout and talk about other art scenes, in New York, Sydney, Paris etc… (I wish!)

I guess the essence of this project is… To cause people to become more readily engaged in Visual Art, whether as a student, an artist, an art worker, an art enthusiast a casual bystander. Either way lets get engaged!

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Regards Steve & Sally Gray

Note; some of the items in here link to our other art resource site which looks very similar, this is to save me copying and pasting too much. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I look after the words and art works on this site, however due to the nature of the web I cannot guarantee there will not be information, pictures or subject matter that may offend, annoy or disturb viewers. What may be a harmless landscape today can be altered in a moment, and as such I hold NO responsibility for what you may see or read when people take links to other sites (and even the info on this site…)