About Creativity…


noun /kre-ativitite/

  1. The use of the imagination or original ideas, esp. in the production of an artistic work
  2. The ability to create
  3. The capacity to produce something which is both unique and useful
  4. The production of previously non-existent information. All new items of information are based on preceding ones, and they are “new” because they restructure the preceding items and/or insert foreign informational elements (“noises”) into them.
  5. The ability to think imaginatively and originally
  6. Is the ability to produce something new, to generate unique approaches and solutions to issues or problems or opportunities.
  7. The experience of thinking, reacting, and working in an imaginative and idiosyncratic way which is characterized by a high degree of innovation and originality, divergent thinking, and risk taking.
  8. Using imagination and expressing oneself in art forms.


noun /ine-va-SHen/

  1. Innovation is a new way of doing something or “new things which are made useful”. It may refer to incremental and emergent or radical and revolutionary changes in thinking, products, processes, or organizations. …
  2. A new method, idea, product, etc



Can be many things, to many people…

A notion.

A solution.

A beginning.

A pathway.

An opportunity…

Creativity can…

Allow us to explore.

Start innovation.

Engage our senses.

Give meaning.

Provide clarity…

Creative approaches

Explore options.

Push boundaries.

Tackle problems.

Mess with our minds.

Spark our imagination…

Creativity, it’s all in the mind…

It’s all about how we process and handle information which comes in to our heads via our senses.

Sometimes it’s just having a different view or interpretation on things.

Creative approaches can seem silly or stupid to some, while others savor the viewpoint and will be led further.

Need a boost? use the Creativity Accelerator! – if that doesn’t work then there is a problem….

But how do we explore it?

Is it something we are born with?

Is it something we can readily teach/learn?

Is it easy to explore?

Are there many resources?

Where do I start?

Exploring Creativity

Perhaps start by teaching that it’s okay to make mistakes…

It’s okay to explore outside boundaries…

It’s okay to be silly and stupid, in the right context…

It might provide ideas which lead nowhere… but then again what if it leads you to an exciting new discovery?

Deeply observe things and then explore interpreting them in words, images, sounds, thoughts and even tastes.

BE OPEN! (to ideas and options)

BE FOCUSSED on the task (observe – meditate – single minded activity of any kind)


Do an online search to find creativity boosting activities.

Compile a list of activities which are short sharp, easy to implement and explore.

Encourage others to do the same and compare notes.

Find things which work and then find ways to push their boundaries.

“Creativity is often a dialogue between concept and material.

The process of artistic creation in particular is not just a question of thinking of an idea
and then finding a way to express it.

Often it’s only in developing the dance, image or music that the idea emerges at all.”

Ken Anderson…

Lateral Thinking

Lateral thinking – Not thinking in a straight or linear fashion, having divergent thoughts not associated with the original idea, notion or course of action.

Outside the box thinking – hoping to solve a ‘challenge’ by taking a different route. Example free brainstorming, where whatever comes to mind as the idea is explored is jotted down to later see if there is an association to the main subject which this “lateral” approach may uncover.

Excuse me your
creative streak is showing…

Do we ask students where their ‘creative streak’ comes from, what it’s about or anything to do with creativity?

How do we cause people to think about creativity in ways to make them want to explore it and do their own research?

How do you foster creativity?

(explore possibilities)

(determined – compelled – fixated – enraptured)


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