5 ways to decorate with canvas art

In an instant, the art on your walls can dramatically change the look and feel of your space. The beauty of canvas art is the fact it’s, generally, lightweight making it a breeze to move around to suit your moods and decor changes. Depending on the look and feel you desire, there’s an absolute bucket-load of images to choose leaving no excuse for a dull room.

These days there are a range of ways to get the canvas printed, get it stretched by your friendly picture framer and have it on the walls or on an easel in practically no time.


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The Humble Theatre Poster

Toulouse-Lautrec was one of the first Visual Artists to make posters into an art piece, way back in the late 1800s, designing advertising for the Parisian nightclub, the Moulin Rouge (Red Mill). Since then, we’ve fallen in love with theatre posters. To achieve the look of French salon style, hang prints by the master, himself, or vintage pictures of the Eiffel Tower. Gild frames in gold and silver and fill with black and white images of Paris or Provence. Buy some replica parlour chairs and an easel from a variety store and voila! You’ll could be instantly transported into 19th century Paris!


Image source: Pacific Northwest Travel

The Bold & the Beautiful

So you love a little drama. Then don’t muck around. Go big, bold and brassy! Show us your sass. Think black and gold or bright red. There’s no room for the shy and retiring here. Hollywood calls. You have choice in this category – Egyptian art would be at home here, just as much a huge black-and-white close -up of Marilyn sporting big red lips. Glamorous cushions of black and gold will add punch. Keep a spot reserved for an unusual sculpture or a large metallic pot.


Image source: Wall Art Prints

Snap, Crackle, Pop

With the recent explosion of photographs printed on canvas, the way we style our homes has changed for good. Clean- lined canvases of memories wake up our walls. We can take it even further and transform whole walls with forests, beaches or cityscapes to make our rooms pop or create a more contemporary feel with close focus almost abstract images where the scale of the works give the image a fresh appeal.

Romancing the Home

Not all of us can live with big bold images. Some of us go weak at the knees for lace, frills and lolly pink. The solution may be to add softness to a home with scent-filled vases of flowers in every corner and follow the theme onto the walls with Impressionistic pictures of gardens, or hang portraits like Audrey Hepburn, or retro posters.


Image source: Vanity Fair

Old School

Perhaps you are none of the above and prefer a good old-fashioned traditional or country homestead style. What can look sensational is a series of canvases in a row, depicting country life: herbs, specimens, horses, fox and hounds, and landscapes mixed with memories, vintage sheet music, and old musty books. Add soft neutral furnishings with the odd checked tablecloth or cushions, lots of traditional plants like lavender and roses and you have the perfect down-to-earth solution.

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Image source: Wall Art Prints

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