Your Guide to Understanding and Working in Visual Arts

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Your Guide to Understanding and Working in Visual Arts

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Note this is Version two of the book after exhaustive work by a number of Students at RMIT in Melbourne, Peter Biram their Teacher and yours truly, taking on board their comments and thoughts. Many thanks guys.


If you enjoy reading some of the artilcies in my blog on professional practice then this succinct guide will allow you to discover more ways to make your Art work for you. When  you want to develop and or discover art career strategies and more, here is a great place to start.

Art… Fair?

Whilst wandering around the Art Melbourne ‘Art Fair’ I was taken with the quality of works on display this year, and in the individual Artist section, one thing stood out to me from a marketing perspective. What were they aiming to do?

Some will say ‘all of the above’ while that’s a nice idea, I wonder how many did all of these… oh sure the last one is a no brainer, they all get to add the event to their bio… But about the other points how do you think they would have gone?

Every gallery I know is turning away Artists, even very good ones. Did any of the Artists invite gallery directors to come and view what they had on offer and chat about what they had, or did they just hope to be the next big undiscovered Artist the gallery would find and ‘take under their wing.’

Selling is almost the natural enemy of the Visual Artist (that’s why they want a gallery to represent them) Some did, and that’s great but was it because they ‘sold’ the work or people just liked it and bought it. (Ooh those colours will go nicely in our living room…)

No idea  how many ‘Investors’ were there… Art Lovers yep.

So for the investment of time and effort, was there any value? For those who travelled from interstate, it takes a lot of organising, transport costs, air fares and the like to get there and be there for the whole time, 3 or so days standing, waiting, chatting, shuffling, keeping amused in the quiet times, knowing what to say in the busy times.

I guess it’s one of those things of ‘damned if you do and or damned if you don’t’ so it’s a try and see type thing. Will the Artists come back next time and do the same? Did they do enough this time to stand out from the crowd and get noticed for ‘all the right reasons?’ Or was it a sore feet exercise that drained their bank accounts, energy and spirits enough to say ‘Never AGAIN!’

So Dear readers I leave you with some marketing questions, did any of the Artists involved, know specifically why they wanted to be there? Did any of them achieve this? Did any of them do research to find out from previous Artists what they thought…

Do I have answers for any of the queries I have raised? probably a few notions and concepts but in the end it’s more about what the Artist wants and then figuring out how to get there. Go ahead and post some comments on this article and see if any of the issues raised spur me on to writing about options and possibilities.