16 ways to explore creativity

We all have creative slumps and look for ways to explore and develop it, so here’s a list to check out… Consider making your own list and sharing ideas with others on how they get creativity happening and try their ideas as well. Jot a few fresh ideas in the comments for this post.

16 Ways to get creative…

  1. Make radical lists of ideas and options – even non radical lists can be useful
  2. Have a way to record stuff no matter where you are – Journal, on your phone, on your laptop and or tablet
  3. Write words madly as they come into your head and explore the options and connections they may create – could lead to a mind map
  4. Spend time doing things other than your usual routine – consider how this makes you feel, explore that, record it somehow, does imagery come with it?
  5. Take it easy for a while and imagine you are a truly fantastic person, what would be different if you were? – not saying you aren’t truly fantastic…
  6. Take breaks and do things you might not ordinarily do – rock climbing, mowing the grass, reading in a library, white water rafting, pruning roses – you get it, now do it
  7. Follow up on your family history, note any ‘quirky bits’ – any leads from that?
  8. Explore new music styles – Jazz, contemporary instrumental etc
  9. Find creative people to be around – connect, share explore
  10. Practice and develop your skills more – a moment of mastery could lead to a breakthrough
  11. Make mistakes and explore them – OFTEN!
  12. Work with others on projects – how do the dynamics of the process alter
  13. Check out new places, spend time there observing, recording – any leads yet…
  14. Figure out what makes you really happy and do more of it – Then find other things to make you happy
  15. Read a page of a reference book, backwards! – Then make fresh sense of it
  16. Take a look at your local culture, jot down some notes and explore options and possibilities which may give you ideas to get creative