Sell that art!

You may have a studio full of Art works to sell, or maybe it didn’t sell… hmm what to do? well here’s an approach that worked to sell CD’s what if it could be adapted to Visual Artworks?

Go ahead, jot down your thoughts in the comments section about how you think it could be adapted…


Stencil art centipede…

Every now and then something comes along to amaze, intrigue etc…

Artist Interview – Rehgan De Mather

And now for an edgy art feast… Here’s an interview by Rehgan De Mather. Enjoy!


Yes it’s from our sister site there are more interviews over there to check out…. 🙂

Artist Interview – Chelsea Gustafsson

An interview on Contemporary regional Artist Chelsea Gustafsson an interesting read. Its over on our sister site


Tax ruling could benefit artists

Check the article, great for Australian Artists…

Irene Wellm – Artist Interview


Another contemporary Visual Artist interview by Amanda van Gils over at Art Re-Source Irene Wellm , It makes for fine reading, and viewing….

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