Online Drawing & Painting

There are a number of online programs you can use to draw and paint with, a quick search gave me this. Okay it’s fairly simple however it could be used in a number of ways to explore simple ideas without having to get paints out etc. Younger students could create simple “loose” colour wheels through to more complex ideas, it has an online gallery to see what others have done as well. Have a play around with it to see what it can do…


Photo manipulation – basics

In an earlier post on ideas to do with photo basics, I briefly hinted at photo manipulation as a tool for exploring photo ideas. Love it or hate it, these days with photo software it’s very easy to do and can lead to some interesting results.

Here’s what I did to get some things happening fairly easily, I took one good photo.


I then exported it as a smaller file 280 kb (to make it fast to load and manipulate for the demonstration here.)

I then went and did an internet search and found a photo image manipulation online application (You can use photo shop and  similar to do the same but I don’t have these), uploaded the image and started to tweak it from there. (I used there are plenty of others. I went to the special effects button, tried a few options. If I did not like it I undid the effect, then tried another. Later on I did several effects on the one image to get fresh results. Check out the results…










I had great fun playing with this and the results can be amazing or very boring, nonetheless it can be useful to explore a subject and play around with it to suit your needs. For me I still prefer the original, but for others some of the new images will be better. Either way enjoy!

Here’s a thought, select an image and make four variations of it, then set them up on one page and print them out. consider how well they work together, it may take some “fiddling” to get the balance right but the result could be well worth it.